About ADA Center


What cities do we wish for? How can we build and convert our cities and create a greater sense of participation among the citizens?
In 2009, the Foundation for Contemporary Art and Architecture, Färgfabriken from Stockholm, launched the program “New urban topologies.” 

The goal of this program was to create an open and free platform for the exchange of experiences between different cities and different actors, such as the governmental, non-governmental sector, artists, architects, activists, citizens, colleges and universities. The goal was to get through informal meetings create a democratic platform for urban development.

This program focuses on social systems moving from authoritarian to democratic governance and post-conflict situations, with the main objective of building a democratic platform for strengthening civil society through a new model of communication and transparent participation in the construction of society.
In the past two years the Agency LDA Mostar in cooperation with Färgfabriken and with the support of the City of Mostar successfully develop New urban Topologies in order to sensitize public opinion of Mostar citizens in regards of the area in which they live.

Perceiving the city and developing discourse about the city from a perspective that is not explicitly related to urban settings, LDA and Färgfabriken successfully realized exhibition “Patchwork Mostar” in 2014.

Exhibition was preceded by two workshops, where the synergy of theory and practice demonstrated that Mostar has a need to create a platform on which all creators and users of space, whether they are from social, political, scientific, educational or non-governmental structures, citizens, students and children, together could recognize potential that Mostar has, at the same time using architecture and art as a means for creative changes and new image of Mostar inspired by modern and positive ideas.
The story continued to evolve after Exhibitions “Patchwork Mostar” and now we enter next phase, program called Mostar LAB. All previous steps showed that Mostar seeks for independent cultural and social platform that will treat a given topic through various forms. So we created the Centre for Architecture, dialogue and Art ADA Mostar.
ADA has its ultimate goal, to establish a firm link between the concepts, programs and materialization. It is a modest reflection on the way to create a city that offers opportunities, supporting the idea of a city for everyone.