Collegium Artisticum 2016 – Architecture

Tonight is like part of the event “Mostar Summer 2016” exhibition opened “Collegium Artisticum 2016 architecture”. we thank the center for culture and colleagues from Architects Association BH, Jasmin Sirco veadu Islambegovic for tonight participation to the program and for excellent Cooperate in the implementation of this project. Thank you, coworkers Emina Isic, Ivo Marincic, wittle vejzovic for active participation and assistance during the workshop “the window of my life”.

Special thanks to our little raji and their parents who regularly give us their trust allowing indicate their kids participate and work in our projects. The Fruit of a two-day workshop is tonight exposed wiring “window of my life”.
Exhibition will be open in the premises of the center for culture by 25.7.2016. years. We want to centre for culture programme “Mostar Summer 2016” equally successfully continue spending the rest! Ada team.