Coworking Cafe – event in the framework of the EU project INCOME

LDA Mostar and Center ADA , in cooperation with the Code Hub-TV Mostar and INTERA Technology Park organized an event called Coworking Cafe which will be held on Monday, 24.09.2018 ., Starting at 11.00 am in the premises CODE CBA Mostar .

” Coworking Cafe ” is an ideal opportunity to the relaxed atmosphere of stakeholders coworking community, learn all about the concept and importance of coworking space, the benefits of working in them, as well as the experience of their users. Coworking Cafe we ​​want to enable the exchange of experiences and ideas in the field of entrepreneurship, employment and self-employment, as well as to create a conducive atmosphere for networking and making new partnerships.

Through Coworking Café you’ll learn all about the EU project INCOME who LDA Mostar, in cooperation with the Center ADA, implemented for the second year in a row, as a project partner. Income is funded through the EU’s Erasmus +, focusing on the exchange of experiences of people who coordinate coworking spaces in order to improve practice skills and management. The project also aims to raise awareness of methods of support young entrepreneurs and increase the employability of young people, focussing on youth, organizations, business organizations, cultural organizations and local authorities.

When different co-working space across Europe, the project explores the very concept and the concept of co-working, but also wants to discuss alternative ways of promoting employment and youth empowerment. Within this framework are organized in different job-shadowing programs of exchange in recent months, as well as conferences in Slovenia (Novo Mesto) entitled “What’s working and co-working” where the participants of the project met with experts from the sector, visited the modern co-working centers, and presented their observations and conclusions.

The project INCOME collected all the previously mentioned experience of the participants, which will be merged into a single online monograph. Implemented activities and experiences will also be once again subjected to the final conference of the project in late December / December 2018 in Italy (Vicenza).

All interested Coworking Cafe are welcome, but prior registration is not necessary .