Immigrants inclusion in the local community

Practices and challenges related to a socially and spatial inclusion of immigrants in the local community – #inclusion of #immigrants. #URGENTproject

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Today, in Europe we have witnessed alarming levels of urban fragmentation, inequality and structural socio-spatial divisions within our cities, which promote extremism and radicalization.

The most vulnerable people are often concentrated in areas where social exclusion and poverty often overlap with multiethnicity, which continues to challenge the social cohesion. Marginalized and stigmatized, these areas and their inhabitants are pushed into the vicious circle of poverty.

In this context, ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy ( ALDA – Association of Local Democracy Agencies ) – in cooperation with SSIIM UNESCO Chair at the University of Venice and other 10 organizations from all over Europe, in the framework of the Urban Regeneration URGENT: European Network of Towns ( Urban Re-Generation: the European network of cities), initiated this survey to gather views and opinions of perception, policies, practices and challenges related to social and spatial inclusion of immigrants in their community.
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The survey can be found at the following link: Survey on migrants’ integration