CSR Mostar Day

Social Responsibility and Commitment Day

Corporate Social Responsibility, understood as the voluntary efforts of companies to contribute as social development and environmental protection in the community in which they operate is widely accepted practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina at present.
We have a responsibility to engage with local community. Our future is theres. We all share the same fate, we all cherish our children’s future. The single best hope for the future in Mostar as well as elsewhere is not politicians or administrators, it is young people.

Joacim Diaz Björk
Senior Vice President of Lindéngruppen and Board Director of Färgfabriken Foundation:
“On the human link between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden; that youth, business and culture are natural ingredients for sustaining success in society, and that there should be a natural nexus between business and culture”

We welcome the opportunity to support projects that make a positive impact in our societies. It’s very inspirational! When you engage you get so much back and you gain so much energy from being involved with different people. Common meeting grounds and a thriving culture is a critical building block in attracting people which in turns attracts investment and business.

What is CSR for business?
It is a nexus between business and culture in order to generate added values to the city of Mostar and it’s long term development.

Why link business and culture in Mostar?
It is a city that shows hidden talents and possibilities, through synergies between entrepreneurship and art to become an inspiring centre for the Balkans.

Strategic engagement between business and cultural sector with the main goal of developing cutting edge cultural programs.

Connecting Mostar into an European level through Center of Architecture, Dialogue and Art ADA Mostar