Building Blocks places children and their ideas at the centre of a new architecture. It is a playful exhibition that challenges boundaries, built on children’s visions of future homes.

A project, and a place for meetings. Building Blocks is an idea and a concept developed by Färgfabriken in cooporation with Medium. The project was exhibited at Färgfabriken during 2010.

Building Blocks is about architecture and construction in which children are the clients and architects their interpreters, a mental playground that generates some thought-provoking and practicable results. It challenges our entrenched values.

It inspires innovative thinking. But above all, it gives a concrete picture of how children can become involved in and influence tomorrow’s development standards.

And how can we incorporate their perspective into the construction process?

Buildings are a result of a collaboration between an architect and a client. But what would result if the client is a 6 year old?

Building Blocks invites children in different parts of the world to commission a building. Each child or group of children collaborates with a different architect. A discussion between them aimes to develop an architectural brief for a house.