The Summer School will produce a number of design proposals for ADA Center. The final event, scheduled for 4th August 2015 will be the Jury and selection of the best design proposals. The 1st Summer School will consist of a number of interrelated events, supporting the main component – design studio focusing at Architectural Design of ADA Center itself.

lectures-darko DARKO RADOVIĆ – Keio University, Department of Systems Design Engineering, Tokyo, Japan
Darko Radović is a Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University, Tokyo, co-director of International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism – IKI and Visiting Professor at the United Nations University, Tokyo. He is a member of the Philips Center for Health and Well-being Livable Cities Think Tank.

Life and Spaces of Tokyo, another Tokyo – This lecture will cut across many places and practices whose histories and present make Tokyo, and try to bring together insights from several perspectives, in particular those of the visitors and those emanating from ordinary, everyday lives.

Towards Livable and Lovable Cities – places and practices of urban resistance – What makes cities – cities? This lecture will present several fragments of research and design-research projects which sought urbanity that lives up to the highest standards implied by the noble, ancient term.

lectures-davisi Dr DAVISI BOONTHARM – Keio University,  Leading Graduate School / Sophia University, Centre for Global Discovery, SAIMS Program
Davisi has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and Australia. Her research interests include culturally sustainable architecture and urbanism, commercial space and creative reuse in Asian Cities (Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore), Southeast Asian vernacular urban form (shophouse).

Her recent research books include In the Search of Urban Quality: 100 Maps of Kuhonbutsukawa Street, Jiyugaoka (with Radović, 2014), Tokyo-Bangkok-Singapore: Intensities, Reuse and Creative Milieu (2013), Future Asian Space (NUS Press, with Hee and Viray, 2012), small Tokyo (IKI and Flick Studio with Radović, 2012). Her interest in cities also found its expression in creative work. She has exhibited drawings and paintings in Tokyo, Split and Vis (Croatia).

Urban Requalification and Creative Milieu – This presentation emphasizes on resource approach to urban regeneration. A specific focus is on urban requalification driven by bottom-up creative activities in Tokyo, Bangkok and Singapore.

lectures-vuk AMIR VUK ZEC – leading architect in Studio Zec Sarajevo
With refined and exquisite sense for architecture, surely one of the most acclaimed contemporary Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Balkan architect. Through a number of guest lectures in the region and abroad Amir had presented the concept works and realizations of architectural projects to both academic and professional community.

Urgent Architecture – If facades could talk, the big question is what we would learn about the city that often wanting to brighten it seems for the odds of reason, desire and the amount of money the they become as was well said Zec in his “urgent architecture” described through one great sentence: “In vain you wear makeup if you did not get much sleep.”.