NUT Mostar 2012

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Färgfabriken Center for Art and Architecture with its Swedish partners is honored by the trust we have received to provide the city of Mostar with a brief summary of ideas and thoughts from the project New Urban Topologies that was executed in Mostar 7–9 November 2012.
Färgfabriken wants to give some few brief comments on the conditions of the following report. New Urban Topologies Mostar is funded by the Swedish Institute in Stockholm and made possible by the invaluable assistance of the Swedish Embassy to Bosnia Herzegovina in Sarajevo. The project was implemented in close collaboration with local partners in Mostar with representatives from the City of Mostar, University Džemal Bijedić of Mostar, and Association of Local Democracy Agencies Mostar, among others.
Participants in the program included city hall representatives, architects, urban planners, academics, artists, students and activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldavia, Macedonia, Latvia, the Nederlands, Egypt, and Sweden. Experiences from the seminar, the bus tour around the greater city and the walking tour in the urban quarter District were discussed in a concluding workshop. The result is five proposals for Mostar and District, summarized in this report.
New Urban Topologies was implemented during a couple of short intense days. Hence the sketchy character of the report. The time gave no opportunity for an in-depth analysis of the complex challenges that exist in the city. We hope, however, that what came up during the discussions and workshop can inspire to some ideas that can be beneficial to the continued development of Mostar.
We that participated look forward to any an opportunity to return to further develop ideas and analyzes and to contribute to a positive development of Mostar. The city has much potential but does also face challenges as reflected in this report. If there is interest, Färgfabriken would be pleased to jointly with representatives from the city of Mostar set up a strategy for continued constructive work, both regarding content and financially.
Joachim Granit
Creative Director, Färgfabriken
Thomas Lundh
Project Director, New Urban Topologies

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