Patchwork Mostar Project


Foundation for modern art and architecture Färgfabriken in cooperation with a local partner, the Local Democracy Agency, with the support of the City of Mostar is organizing an exhibition entitled “Patchwork Mostar”. The exhibition is organized under the auspices of the Swedish Postcode Lottery and Postcode Lottery Culture Foundation. Opening of the exhibition will be staged in the building of the Music School in Mostar, Musala Square, on 07/11/2014, starting at 18:30.

The exhibition will be open from 07 to 11/28/2014. year. One of the ways to establish a dialogue and communication between people is through art. If one wants to understand what the future will bring, then you must accept the past, but must live in the present. The exhibition “Patchwork Mostar” wants to show the people and the cities that have a similar fate. Stories of Mostar, Beirut and Stockholm. In order to clearly show this phenomenon, as part of the exhibition is planned screenings of documentary films, which will tell the stories of cities and their people, the history, present and future, emotions, identity, social upheaval, etc.


The film will be used as a valuable medium for displaying rapid urban change, socially, politically and architecturally. Documentaries will be able to explore the urban history of cities and analyze current urban change. As the exhibition would not be understood as a platform served data, we decided to make an exhibition that will cause interest of visitors to participate in debates and discussions, as well as organized workshops. In this context, the whole process will have aspects of both static and interactive.

The exhibition will generate both, given the data and information provided by visitors. It will be the focal point of the exhibition, which will be a social and environmental gift the city of Mostar. It will be “art transversal” that will connect the two banks of the river. The point is to show the human being, through spatial dialogue, but also the monologue of Mostar on “past – Present – Future. ” We want to show and prove that the space without man only border-free area that may or may not have a function. The very existence of man and his presence gives a contribution to the creation of usable space, which makes sense of understanding and articulating the human need for space.

Man is a key figure in our exhibition! Welcome!

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