Patchwork – Opening of the exhibition

In the building of the Music School at Musala in Mostar opened the exhibition “Patchwork Mostar”. The exhibition was organized by the Foundation for Contemporary Art and architecture Färgfabriken from Stockholm and LDA Mostar, with the support of the City of Mostar.
“Patchwork Mostar” is a stimulating and participatory exhibition, environment and platform where citizens have the opportunity to participate and to express their thoughts about the urban content , about our existence and life in space but also in time.

The exhibition was prepared within the project “New Urban Topologies,” which as part of an international program for democratization realized Färgfabriken – Foundation for Contemporary Art and Architecture, Stockholm.

Incorporating a special bond between Stockholm, Beirut and Sarajevo. The exhibition is at the same time developing in all three cities, deals with the same themes, but with a special sensibility in the approach to the specifics of each city individually, constantly keeping in mind the fact that in each of these cities live by.

In Mostar, since the end of last year implemented a number of activities:
– Research on the use of space and public facilities in the city
– Open competition for young people entitled “Mostar 2025”
– Workshop for Youth “Patchwork Mostar Collage memories and dreams”

The results of the implemented activities have been exposed, and the results of the next activity will be exhibited later.
At the time when the exhibition was opened from 07 to 28 November / November will be organized:
– Workshop for children “Animated moments” of 10-14.11. 2014th
– Workshop “patchwork of narratives – Kolaž memories and dreams” 14.11.2014.
– Workshop “Social reflection of urban space” 11/21/2014.

As part of the exhibition is planned screenings of documentaries, Purgatory (Purgatory) and Three cities (three cities) directed by Rani Rafei and Jinane Dagher and filling director Ali Baidoun and Line Lindqvist who will tell stories about cities and their people, past, present and future, emotions, identity, social turmoil. The film will be used as a medium for displaying rapid urban change, socially, politically and architecturally.

INTRODUCTION TO THE EXHIBITION: Demirović Habibija, d.i.a.


The exhibition PATCHWORK Mostar was the result of the need to create an independent cultural scene, which will be a new way to establish a dialogue citizens and all participants in the process of spatial planning and the environment in which live, using artistic expression and as a tool in this process.

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